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Mason jars are useful for so many different things, especially table centerpieces! They are easily customizable and affordable for any budget. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your dining table decorations!

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The battle of glass versus plastic storage containers isn’t exactly age-old, but it is contentious. If your family is still doing battle over the best place to store and transport leftovers, stop the insanity – see who comes out on top when glass and plastic duke it out…

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Mirrors serve several functional and aesthetic purposes. They reflect light and images to make a small room appear larger. They also give you a way to double check your appearance before you leave the house.

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Many homeowners today with older double pane windows are noticing something strange: the windows are becoming foggy. When this happens to the windshield in your car, the foggy layer is a sign the glass is dirty. Simply wiping it down with glass cleaner is enough to restore good vision through...Read more

Good visibility while driving is paramount to roadway safety. Are your car mirrors adjusted correctly, or do you unwittingly create larger blind spots by following poor rules of thumb? Use this guide to help create nearly seamless visual contact all the way around your vehicle.

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Did one of your headlights recently burn out? Don’t delay headlight replacement! The longer you drive with only one working headlight, the more likely you are to be pulled over and ticketed. Plus, you risk the second headlight burning out, leaving you completely in the dark and unable to drive...Read more

Interior glass doors from Glass Doctor can add a host of form and function to your home. Whether you need a clearer view, a little extra protection, or just the right amount of privacy and natural light, our interior glass door solutions deliver!

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In high school, the coolest thing to do was to have something hanging from the rearview mirror of your car… at least until your parents told you to take it down.  Fuzzy dice are traced back to World War II and were used as a sign of good luck.

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There is no denying that Mason Jars are insanely popular right now. With many uses, everyone is sure to love them. You can make vases; use them as cups or string lights in them for decorations. What a lot of people don’t know is that these Mason Jars can also be used as a flameless air freshener...Read more